Photography Workshops : The Essentials Edition

Two workshops to help you get started with digital photography.

Workshop 1: Manual Mode basics

Level: Beginner

The art of photography is a combination of creative and technical process. The creative part is very subjective. However, the technical process provides the tools using which you can get closer to your art. For a beginner, all the photography terms and process can be overwhelming. Especially the Manual mode of your camera. Many people stay away from this mode because of several reasons. The first workshop is designed as a hands-on, experiment based learning approach that will help you to understand the manual mode - when and how should you use it and when to avoid it. It will also help you approach photoshoots with a workflow so that everything you do on the field is intentional.


  • Demystify the manual mode of your camera to take full control

  • Be able to create your own workflow for photoshoots

  • A hands-on experiment based learning approach

Workshop 2: Photo organization strategies and essential post-processing

Level: Beginner

Now that you have taken tons of photos (you better should have!), it is time for the most feared and most hated process - the post processing. But even before that, how should you manage all these photos? The second workshop will focus on some strategies on doing so. It will also provide a workflow for taking those pictures from your camera, to your computer, through Lightroom (and may be a bit of Photoshop) to your social network of choice. We’ll also discuss some editing techniques on your smartphone (just in case you have in a rush)


  • Photo organization and management tips

  • Editing workflow

  • Basics of light room and photoshop

  • Editing tips on your phone (yaas! For realz)


  • Any camera that has a Manual mode (A DSLR or Mirrorless is preferred, but we can probably work with anything else too)

  • Tripod