Project Element: Janelle Bell

Project Element is an attempt to capture people in their element and have them share what it means to them and how they feel when they are in their element.

Janelle Bell

In the element:

When I’m dancing, you can become whatever character you want to be and you get to experience things that you haven’t been experienced in life. And for me, it’s like going into these places and becoming this person in a way that makes me feel reviving. You get this feeling of butterflies but excitement at the same time and it’s something that you crave too.

The Creative Block:

When I’m working on something it’s towards the middle or end. Because you have so many ideas for the beginning and then you see it develop and then you get stuck. And then I’m like - I want to see it grow but I don’t know which direction I wanna go. And for me that’s where I block up.

The Unblock:

I have to keep watching the dance. I’ll have the dancers do the dance many times.  Sometimes I’ll watch a video on Youtube and then I’ll get more ideas from it and I’ll kind of digest it and put it in some piece or form and not like completely taking it but like a form of it and making it my own. Or going and seeing a live production and it gives you like this growth and feeling of refreshness  instead of doing the same thing every single time.   With dancing and choreography, you’ll start doing the same things and you’ll have your trademark moves and you’re like “I keep doing this and I don’t know why!”  Sometimes even taking a dance class can help too.