Experimenting with Fasting

Fasting = Mind Blown!!! (And brain opened even more)

I'm reading The Complete Guide to Fasting book and have just started experimenting with fasting.

I'm already on Bulletproof(BP)/Keto lifestyle (for most time) and intermittent fasting since February 2016 and have reaped it's benefits like weight loss, brain fog loss, focus, energy, improved blood results etc...

I love learning and experimenting which led me to the fasting book. So since before the holidays I started experimenting with 24 hour fasts every few days. A longer fast still intimidated me. However, I started my 24 hour fast Sunday afternoon and after 24 hours I wasn't hungry so I decided to continue. It's Tuesday afternoon and I still haven't had a full meal. I have been having BP coffee though in the morning and lots of water and occasional nuts (just once) I'm hoping to get through today. Let's see.

But right now, I am feeling amazing. My brain seems to have opened even more and I feel alive.  Since last night my productivity has gone up too. It's raining outside and what people might say is a dull day. But I feel super energized. Omg, I LOVE this feeling.

I just wanted to write this down for my own record but I thought I'd share it with everyone.