Michelle Obama at WWDC

Got to do an interview with Michelle Obama. 😉 It would be super cool if this were true though.

On a serious note, I got to see and hear her speak from just few feet away at WWDC yesterday morning. (Tuesday - June 6th, 2017)

Speaking to a crowd of entrepreneurs and creators, she made an excellent point about inspiring others. The world will be a different and much better place if each of us can inspire at least one person. You don't need to be popular in order to do so. In fact, the best and most effective way to inspire someone is through one on one interaction. It makes deeper connection and longer lasting impact.


For someone with her stature, I was amazed to see how easily and instantly she was able to connect with such a large and diverse audience.

It was not just the inspiring words she said, but also the way she spoke. Her mere presence and pleasant demeanor very naturally portrayed humility, elegance and power but most importantly - simplicity.

Of all the things she said, these words really stuck with me “We need great minds with great hearts".

I feel truly grateful for having had this wonderful opportunity.