A few days ago, after many years I grew an year older :D Some thoughts crowded my mind. And this is the way they decided to express themselves :

age is just a number
every year, we just get dumber

we are supposed to get wiser and smart
not everyone here has mastered the art

we tend to do what people expect
just to gain everyone’s respect

going with the flow is what we do
what’s on our mind, we seldom pursue

profession, relationships, sports, religion - everything we label
ideas that don’t fit, when asked to explain, we are unable

rules are meant to control chaos
but somehow we let them be our boss

the mistakes we make, we don’t accept
in order to blend in, we don’t correct

we try to fit in, show off, be bold and gaudy
in reality, we are just a 5 year old in a big body

not sure what made me write this - I’m not a poet
given my “profession”, I should have remained quiet

i must own this “mistake” I made
the words I put together, some forcefully fed

everyone expects a poem to rhyme
but I’m not gonna do that here

i’m done



Now go back. Fit in. Do whatever you are doing.